Our Values


Creativity is what transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. At OTOTO, it's a part of our DNA, the spark that gives each design a breath of life and pushes us forward to seek out the most playful, unpredicted options out there. When we seek to turn mundane daily tasks into thrilling adventures, we turn to creativity to get us there.


The unsung hero of the design world? Quality. This value ensures precision and impeccable craftsmanship, so it's no wonder why it's an integral part of every design. Quality in design is the glue that binds creativity and functionality, allowing our kitchen and home gadgets to soar beyond what is expected.


At OTOTO, family offers warmth and support – but also a community where ideas and collaborations come to life. Whether it comes about from a lively conversation or an invigorating brainstorming session, we turn to our family to keep the spark of innovation alive. After all, the best things in life are meant to be shared. Why not start with family?


The secret sauce behind every Spaghetti Monster? Laughter. Joy. And of course: fun. Nothing brings a burst of energy into the creative process like a much-needed joke or slip on a banana peel. When we want to shake up our designs and bring a boatload of possibilities to the next party, we take a moment to get a little silly and partake in a belly laugh or two. That's when the magic happens.