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Flower holder

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Meet Blossom: the Flower Holder that helps stems stand with ease!

Designed by Adi Kafri 


Materials: Plastic

Dimensions: tall: 2.7 x 2.7 x 2.4  short: 3.6 x 3.6 x 1 in

  • Dishwasher safe


Flower power just got an added boost! Blossom makes arranging plants and blooms easy, thanks to its design made from sturdy ABS plastic. Best of all? It's also dishwasher-safe and easy to store, ensuring your flowers always look their best.

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How to Use

Here's our flower holder that takes floral arrangements to petal-perfect heights! Let your creativity bloom, as it's designed to hold your bouquets with stem-endous style and botanical charm.

  1. Remove the inner part from each flower holder and pour water into the base.

  2. Put the inner part back and insert the flower stem into the holder. It fits many sizes of flower stems

  3. Use a dishwasher or handwash to clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
R. Billings
Every school teacher and mother of young children should be issued one of these!

You know all of those lovely flowers small children bring you, you've finally found the perfect vases for those beheaded dandelions and other such natural treasures you receive! This delightful little set of two "frog" style vases has little grids that can hold up even the most closely severed flower heads—and make it look classy! My only wish is that they'll eventually offer more color (and perhaps even size and shape) options, since these could make a fun vase grouping for display, too.

Dee McPherson
Perfect for small flowers

I love the varied sizes and features of these little vases. They are just right for displaying small wildflowers and clippings, whether they are violets, dandelions or an interesting leaf- these vases brighten any space. I would recommend to others who appreciate flowers of all shapes and varieties, or gift it with a gardening/spring themed basket.

Lily C.

Love this vase set. Great for displaying a small bunch of single stem flowers.

Sharon R
Perfect size

Well made, cute, and the perfect size for my bedside table.

so cute!!!

perfect for flowers

Conversation Piece!

This product is so modern making the flowers appear as if they're suspended in midair. I've used real flowers but prefer fake stems and both look so cool. It's the perfect size to fit on an entertainment center or mantel. Recommend!!

Chelsea Ulrich
Cute and functional

Small stem holder - perfect for what I wanted to use it for.

So glad I got these!

I've never owned a prettier flower vase than this one. I absolutely love this. It is so good for individual flowers or just a couple flowers. Each flower can go on its own slot and you put the water directly in this vase. And the time that I used it, the water did not get murky because there’s not much water in the air. The water only touches the stems. It’s high-quality plastic and it looks like it will hold out for a very long time. Each piece is actually two pieces because you can take it apart to clean it which is nice. I love this! You will not regret buying this.

Susan G. Good
Great for Single Stems

Although I have used these to arrange flowers in a large vase, I love to use these Blossom Flower Frogs for single stem flowers. I like to buy a bunch of flowers from the grocery store and bring home to arrange. Inevitably, one or two of the stems break off and I am left with a short, single stem. These little frogs work perfectly on their own for this purpose. You just poke one (or a few) stems into the holes and the flowers stand up nice and straight. Then you have a cute little vase for a small place. These frogs are small, so thick stems won't work and you do have to make sure to keep them filled with water. A few of these frogs together would make for a great table arrangement!

Perfect for a mini flower display

Fiancé loves this flower frog set! She sets up little flower displays from her larger plants and flowers outside and brings them in to display in the frogs. Great gift!


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