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Fun Guy

Fun Guy

Fridge Odor Absorber

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 Meet Fun Guy, the fridge odor absorber that tips his cap goodbye to funky smells!

Designed by OTOTO.


Materials: Silicone
Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 3.45 in

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Resistant to boiling water


Don't have 'mush' room for bad smells in your kitchen? Then you need Fun Guy, the food-grade, BPA-free refrigerator odor eliminator. Simply take his lid off, pour in baking soda, place at the back of your fridge, and then say goodbye to those funky odors for good!

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How to Use

Turn food preparation into a spore-tacular breeze with our odor absorber, banishing nasty fridge odors with a fungi-fied flair.

  1. Remove the top, pour baking soda inside, and close.

  2. Place in fridge to absorb moisture and odor.

  3. Use a dishwasher or handwash to clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
A. Coffey
So Cute!

Goodbye, ugly box of baking soda. Love the functionality of this lil guy. Keeps the fridge fresh and is easily reusable; win win!

Doris Blanchard
Super cute!

Easy to put in your baking soda. Works great!

Arturo Lane
Very cute

I love this - it’s a soft, squishy plastic mushroom that you fill with bicarbonate of soda to stop smells in the fridge. It’s cute, practical and whilst it’s a bit expensive, it does make me smile whenever I open the fridge.

Christina Pope
Easy to Use

As long as you have a built in egg holder and follow the instructions the little guy wont tip over. Under filling him also is a hindrance to it's design. However! I still feel it's easy to use and easy to clean up after.I used a funnel to get the baking soda inside, easy enough.

Janice C
Mushroom smell eliminator

Not only cute but easy to fill and keeps odor fresh.

Jackie Boyle
Cute and great quality

It is so cute so I had to buy another one.


Very cute and eco friendly, as I can refill it rather than buy those boxes to replace every month. Thank you.

Unique and very original

Very nice little product, just add and fill with baking soda, put inside the fridge and all the fridge will stop with the funny smells. It's a little pricey, but it's really distinctive and creative, its and a nice addition to have in your fridge, I do recommend it

Vanessa Grizzle
So cute

Looks cute just sitting in the egg crate

Best thing in my fridge

its cute and will likely make you smile from time to time when you open the fridge. We move him around so its not always in the same place and its fun to see where it ends up. Guests always get a kick out of it as well.


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