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Garlic Press

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Meet Garligator: the jaw-some garlic press that makes mincing a snap!

Designed by OTOTO


Materials: Plastic & Metal Dimensions: 6.2 in x 1.8 in x 2.2 in

  • BPA Free
  • 100% Food Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Resistant to boiling water 


Hot off the garlic press! Say goodbye to messy, sticky hands when mincing garlic, thanks to Garligator's innovative design and built-in brush for easy cleaning. Featuring a sturdy grip, this tool makes dealing with garlic so effortless you can do it with one hand.

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How to Use

Our gadget will chomp down on your cloves, leaving no tears, just fearsome flavor – a jaw-droppingly efficient and mess-free garlic press!

  1. Place garlic clove into the press

  2. Press the gadget and crush garlic in seconds

  3. Use a dishwasher to clean

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews

I didn't expect much from this as most garlic crushers are metal.. but this is perfect. Love the built in cleaning brush.

Leroy Jenkins
I love this!!!

Works great, cleans well and is adorable. Great purchase.


Of all the garlic choppers I've used over the years, this is my favorite because, for me, it is the quickest! Just put the cloves in and give it a squeeze. I know most garlic presses work this way, but I swear this one is just better. It's so easy to deal with and a breeze to clean. I love garlic and use this almost every day! And it's an ALLIGATOR !!!!

Mark A.
Great product

Love it. Works great and easy to clean.

Celeste velasquez

Let's begin with the name.. garligator! So cute and so convenient, it has made my cooking easier, I used to chop the garlic and it was annoying. It also has a tiny brush to clean it, conveniently stored in it. So happy with my purchase.

Norris Stanton
Great garlic press

Great garlic press. Works well.Just be careful, the "teeth" can pinch as you press.

Myra Reese
Fun product

Good product and cute too

James W.
Ah I love this

I love this. The entire package is really great. I really dislike dealing with garlic, I dislike mashing it, chopping, mincing, anything to do with touching garlic in general. Love garlic. Just the all things in prep are not my favorite. I used to have a mincer somewhere, long lost. I've missed it, been going about it manually for too long. It's perfect. It works great, it feels super sturdy and like it'll hold up at least for a super long time. I prefer... just being a dork and making the aligator om-nom my garlic. It's whatever, cute, cleans up easily, in general just perfect. Would make a great gift, does it's job well.

Fun and Practical

The cuteness of the design is just a bonus. But it was easy to use, easy to clean, and didn't get stuck on me like some garlic presses do (you know, when you add an extra big piece of garlic in there). And I absolutely love that this tool comes with a little cleaning brush!!


it works but something about using this and not a metal garlic press feels wrong. it’s a cute touch to your kitchen and it’s easy to clean. I love the design.


Who designs the products?

OTOTO products are designed by in house industrial designers as well as external designers from all over the world.

Can I design for OTOTO?

We would love to hear from you! Please send your product suggestions, descriptions, drawings, to our Product Development team, you for your interest in working with us!

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We’re very sorry. As an international company we aim to ship to all parts of the world, however restrictions by countries or shipping companies do not allow us to ship to certain locations, especially during these times, and we hope that that changes in the near future. If you are unsure of whether we ship to your country please contact us

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Yes, there is a place to write your personal notes in the checkout page.