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Citrus Reamer

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 Meet Octo: the citrus reamer ready to lend you a hand -- or eight.

Designed by OTOTO, In Collaboration with Almond Studio


Materials: Plastic
Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 5.47 in

  • BPA Free
  • 100% Food Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe


When life gives you lemons, Octo is here to help you squeeze out lemonade. This compact and functional citrus reamer and juicer works great with lemons, oranges, limes, and more. Goodbye, hard-to-use juicers, hello, freshly squeezed juice!

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How to Use

Our zestful citrus reamer squeezes out every ounce of citrusy goodness, turning your kitchen into a sea of flavor.

  1. Hold the head for a comfortable grip.

  2. Place the pointy end in the center of a half-cut lemon or citrus.

  3. Rotate to squeeze the juice out.

  4. Use a dishwasher or handwash to clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Rory Benson
Happy customer

The reviews sold me on this product so I charged ahead despite my reservations. I’m going to have to get used now to having an octopus in an otherwise kitch-less kitchen but I think it will be an easy transition.

Rosemary Nangle Seyfried
Useful, Sturdy, and Fun

The whimsical design does not at all detract from the usability. It's a brilliant combination of art and function. Easy to use and efficient. Easy to clean.

Kelley Hester
Excellent Juicer

Very Efficient Juicer. Easy to Use and Clean.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Well loved by all

Octo Enjoyer
great shape and multifunctional!

got this for something fun to mess around with in the bedroom. works perfectly as a plug, but you'll need to lube it up first. Awesome design and it's dishwasher safe too? that's so epic

Chelsea P
🤩 Obsessed - so whimsical and fun but totally practical at the same time.

Crazy but this is the best citrus reamer I have ever had. 🐙🍋

L. Singleton
Best Citrus Reamer I've Ever Used

I like nifty little kitchen gadgets, and I like citrus fruits. Well, a match made in heaven. No worry about pulp under your fingernails or lemon juice up to your wrists; this very handy, very cool reamer will get all of the juice out of your citrus fruits with a few quick twists.

So amazing

Everyone in the kitchen loves this.

It reams

Exceeds all my citrus reaming needs.

Catalina Pitts
As a nurse…we’ll built

Thank goodness for the flared base.Works great.


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OTOTO products are designed by in house industrial designers as well as external designers from all over the world.

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